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Automotive Tinting

Black Pearl Darkest Legal

A fusion of pure optical clarity combined with spectrally select natural occurring nano particles. This unique combination delivers a true black image expected by so many of today’s customers. Black Pearl – unlike many metalised window films present in today’s market place, delivers an extremely low reflection rate both inside and outside your vehicle. Black Pearl will reduce harmful UV radiation by 99% and will significantly reduce annoying glare and heat entering your most valued investment. No longer are metalised window films the rule but rather the option.

*Introductory tint offer $250.00 for black pearl darkest including all Sedan & Hatch - No hidden costs*

Car Tinting

(New) Black Pearl Nano Ceramic

The shaded protection of Black Pearl - Nano Ceramic allows you to enjoy a cool car protected from radiating infrared heat.
Leading Japanese nano-ceramic technology equips Black Pearl - Nano Ceramic with long-lasting infrared block technology.Ceramic compounds ease the flow of technological signals, so you wont experience any interference with your gps, phone or radio.The perfect accompaniment for vehicles with privacy glass, Black Pearl - Nano Ceramic is available in multiple shades so you stay within legal tint regulations. You can achieve desired levels of privacy or give your car a sleek look, it’s customisable to you.

  • Low internal reflection

  • High performance nano-technology

  • Long lasting infrared block technology

  • Multiple shades of tint available

  • Blocks 99% of UV rays

  • Factory-backed lifetime warranty*

Car Paint Protection

Auto Shield Protection

Interior and Exterior Protection

Protect Paint, Vinyl, Leather and Fabric from damage with Auto Shield 

Auto Shield offers complete protection for your car’s paintwork and interior surfaces, providing a shield against common problems such as paintwork fading and discolouration, damage from bird droppings, and more. And let’s not forget about the benefits that it provides for your interior surfaces - nourishing your leather seats, helping reduce cracking of vinyl surfaces, and protecting your fabric and carpets from commonly consumed foods and liquids seaping through the surface.

“Did you Know? Solar Films Reduce Up To 86% Of Heat.”